Curly Passage by Stephen Eginoire
Curly Passage by Stephen Eginoire

MultiMedia Salon Submissions

NSS MultiMedia Program Salon


DESCRIPTION: Exhibition of multiple image computer [for example Slide Show To Go, PicturesToExe, or PowerPoint] programs less than twelve minutes in length, which can include music, narration, animations, or video. However, video clips may not occupy more than a third of the length. Presentations may be submitted on CD,  DVD, memory stick, or sent to the Chair via an internet file sharing site.

ENTRIES: All entries must be sent to the Chair, postmarked no later than April 30, 2024. There is no fee for entering the MultiMedia Salon. Fill out and send an entry form for each program to the Salon Chair. Include a self-portrait, preferably as a digital image but a slide or print is acceptable. Please contact Dave at to make inquiries about the salon.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: The Salon uses digital projectors and Windows-based computers hosting PowerPoint, Slide Show To Go, and Windows Media Player. If other software is required to play the program, it should either be formulated as a self-executing file (*.exe) or include a run-time player. Shows can be submitted on either CD or DVD.

All entrants retain copyright and all moral and intellectual rights to their work. Credit and copyright notice will be included with all images displayed. Digital copyright information will not be removed from any image. The NSS requests the following rights, which are optional. Indicate your agreement with any or all by marking either of the box(es) on the the entry form:

 The NSS may publish still images of this work on Web sites and in periodicals to announce the winners of this competition, for not more than one year.
 The NSS may use the low-resolution excerpts (not to exceed 3 minutes) of this work shown during the NSS awards presentation on Web sites to announce the winners of this competition, for not more than four years.
 The NSS may retain copies of this work in its Audio-Visual Library for an indefinite period. The programs will be available for viewing through the NSS website (via the NSS YouTube Channel) at no charge.

JUDGING: Judging will occur prior to the convention. All entries will be judged but only the best entry will be shown on Salon night. Other entries Accepted for Show will be shown at another time during convention. Judging criteria are displayed on the main NSS Salons Information page.

Dave Socky
6572 Woodbrook DR
Roanoke, VA 24018