Mexican Shower by Kasia Biernacka
Mexican Shower by Kasia Biernacka

Photo Salon Submissions

NSS Photo Salon

Updated for 2024

The Photo Salon celebrates the ethereal beauty of projected images of caves and caving. Cave-related images will be projected, during the Thursday night Salon Awards Program; being shown during the Awards Program is an honor itself. All images must be of caves, cave-related subjects, or cave-related humor.

ENTRIES: All entries must arrive no later than April 10, 2024. Only Digital Entries will be accepted.

Please complete the entry form, which asks you to assign each image a Category, a Number, and a Title. We encourage you to include a short description of the image (location, participants, unusual stories associated with the image or trip). Please also send a caver self-portrait with your entries. Please check the artist's Rights and Conditions release boxes and sign the form before sending it in.

Digital Entries. Submit digital images via the internet by sending the chair a link to an online host/server. Images can also be sent to the chair on a CD or DVD. Files should be in standard file format (JPG). File size should be at least 5 MB, but no more than 15 MB.  Entries with watermarks will be subject to disqualification. This is required in order to keep judging totally unbiased. All images presented in the Photo Salon will include the name(s) of the photographer(s) and other named individuals.  If you do remove such marks, yet wish to indicate control under copyright, at your request we will include this information during the presentation.

Please submit images in the standard RGB color space (sRGB). Digital image files must be given a file name the same as the image's title and the photographer's entry number, e.g., 01-WinningCavePhoto.jpg. Digital entries are encouraged to include digital data in the Exchangeable image file (EXIF) format.

1. Story — maximum of 20 images depicting a caving story, a certain cave or exploration/expedition; include cutlines (caption information) for each photo
2. Entrance — a photo of a cave that includes the entrance in some way
3. Life — a photo of the biology found in caves; such as bats, salamanders, troglobites, plant roots, mold, etc.
4. Cave — a photo with the main content focused around the underground environment and/or cave passage
5. Caver — a portrait of a caver, where the photo is centered on the person
6.Formations — an image of a formation or formation area; macro photography is included here
7. Humor — a funny image taken inside or outside of a cave
8. Science — focus on the scientific aspect of caves; must explain the reason behind the photo and/or the subject of the research.
9. Manipulated — a photo that is created by computer manipulation; such as removing or adding parts to an image

ENTRY FEES: The entry fee is $1 per digital image. There is no fee if the digital image is donated to the NSS. There is a limit of 20 entries per photographer. Entry fees are payable by check to Photo Salon Chair to the address below. Make checks payable to the NSS. Payment can also be made via PayPal or credit card via the form below.

ENTRY INFORMATION: Additional information you choose to include about each image on your entry sheet, such as the name of the cave, general area, state or country where it is located, name of persons in the scene, or process (or lighting / digital techniques) used to create an unusual photograph is appreciated.

JUDGING: Judging occurs prior to convention. Prior to formal judging, an initial screening process will take place.  Entries deemed of suitable quality for judging will then be formally assessed by the judging panel. Judging criteria can be found at the link below. Each image category is judged separately, although there is a single 'Best in Show' award from among all entries in the Photo Salon.

logoAll entrants retain copyright and all moral and intellectual rights to their work.  Credit and copyright notice will be included with all images displayed.  Digital copyright information will not be removed from any image. The NSS requests the following rights, which are optional. Indicate your agreement with any or all by marking the box(es) on the entry form:

box4  The NSS may publish winning images in periodicals for the purpose of showcasing contest winners, within one year of the contest.
box3  The NSS may publish winning images in periodicals for the purposes of promoting future congresses and competitions, for not more than four years.
box2  The NSS may use these images in low-resolution on Web sites to announce the winners of this competition, for not more than four years.
box1  The NSS may use these images in low-resolution in a CD/DVD of all entries. This CD/DVD will be lent to NSS members for viewing at no charge.
box5  Donate all images to the NSS. By doing so there is no charge for entering the Salon.

FURTHER INFORMATION: If you have questions, please contact the Chair at

Nikki Fox
160 Hidden River Farm Rd
Monterville, WV 26282

Photo Salon Payment Form

If donating photopgraphs to the NSS, no fee is required

Salon Payment - Photo

Price: $1.00
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