Heligmite by Peter Jones
Heligmite by Peter Jones

Print Salon Submissions

NSS Print Salon

ENTRIES: Photographers may enter up to ten (10) prints for a fee of US$20, this includes any series/story lines. There is no fee for print(s) donated to the NSS. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card through form below, or by check or money order sent to the Salon Chair. Make payable to the NSS.

Each print must include a digital file of the image (for NSS News publication of awards). No more than five prints may be entered in any one category.

All entries must be physically delivered:

POSTAL OPTION: post to the convention site (exact address will to be determined) to arrive before Saturday of the convention week.

DELIVER-IN-PERSON: to the Print Salon area Saturday of the convention week between 10:00-16:00, or Sunday between 10:00-14:00
at the NSS Convention Print Salon exhibition area. Exact location to be determined.

ENTRY CRITERIA: All prints must be mounted, but not framed. They may be matted. Print size: we have limited space so keep prints to no larger than 24 x 30” (including any matting). Phone
or email the Print Salon Chair if you have questions (contact Information at page bottom).

All prints must have:

  1. Entry Form: click for online form or contact Print Salon Chair for electronic/printed forms. Use Adobe Acrobat or Reader, or comparable, to enable online fill-in. You may need to fill in the information and print the form without saving to get it to work.
  2. Entry Fee: $20 for up to 10 submissions. Entry fee waived if print is to be donated to NSS.
  3. Labels: Please contact the Print Salon Chair to print your labels onsite to be displayed with your print(s).

Labels for prints (We are working on printable and fillable labels)

  1. Photography Category: Novice,  Experienced, or Expert (see definitions below.)
  2. Print Title: If no title, please label as Image 1, Image 2, etc…
  3. Entry Category: Geology, Human Dimensions, Science, Altered, or Series. (see definitions below).
  4. Additional Information: Information related to “getting the shot” (i.e. formation is 2 inches tall, room is 1 acre in size, lighting details) to assist judges as they evaluate technical or other merits of the print; model/assistant Names, statement or information that conveys context or sets a mood for the photo or events surrounding the photo. Please do not include cave name or location.

Please include the following information with your submission form:

  1. Pickup Information: Who will be picking up print(s) (individual(s)/grotto affiliation) at the end of Convention. NOTE: If print is not picked up by Noon on Friday it will be donated to the NSS.
  2. Digital image file of Photographer (for potential use at awards and for NSS News).
  3. Digital file of images submitted (for potential use at awards and for NSS News).
  4. Brief statement about Photographer (name, grotto affiliation, caving experience, etc.).

Prints not accepted for show will be noted at time of submission. Photographers will be informed of the precise reasons if a print is not accepted; see section below.

Prints may be submitted for display-only: (please include display label as described above, adding note: Display Only). These are displayed only if space is available.


Photographer Category:

  1. Newcomer: first time entrant to NSS print salon. This category is to encourage photographers to submit prints to the salon. Some judging criteria may be more loosely applied.
  2. Experienced: Photographers’ who have had prints selected for show in previous NSS print salon, but have not been awarded a ribbon or medal. If you have been accepted for show or ribboned at other NSS associated events you may enter in this category, regardless of new comer status.
  3. Expert: Photographers who have ribbons and/or medal in a previous NSS print salon. Potential exists for submitted prints deemed not worthy of demonstrated level of proficiency to not be selected  for ribbon and or medal. This is to encourage the continuation of showing the best of the best. If you are a professional photographer or have sold cave images for publication in any media, please use this category.

Print Category::

  1. Geology: The primary focus is on geology of cave ranging from cavescape (overall cave passage, room, entrance) on down to close up of cave feature or formation.
  2. Human Dimension: primary focus of print is human activities (past or present) associated with the cave, cave entrance or appropriate cave/karst surface feature. This can include (but not limited to) such activities as: conservation, protection, restoration, science, rescue, documentation, education and archeology.
  3. Science: primary focus is any other form of cave science (collection, experimental setup, etc.) and/or non-human biota found in a cave.
  4. Altered Images: The images may fall into one of the above categories but have been altered for artistic purposes (colorizing/toning/collage/composites/removal or addition of objects/subjects).
  5. Photo Story Series: A series of prints telling a succinct story. Up to 5 images may be grouped in a story series.

Prints that will NOT be accepted for show:

  1. Photos not related to caves or caving. For example: a photo of a formation in a mine might be considered related to caves from a mineralogical aspect, whereas a photo of a person standing in a mine, wearing caving gear, may be considered irrelevant to actual caving activities.
  2. Photos depicting nudity that is deemed to be pornographic, or unnecessary to telling the photo’s “story”.
  3. Photos depicting unsafe or unacceptable caving practices (too close to formation, lack of proper gear, etc.). Cultural/historical context will be taken into consideration, but only if noted at time of judging.

Some of the above types of photos MAY be considered acceptable if they are part of a series of photos where the overall story is one of positive/appropriate cave behavior/interactions.

LogoAll photographers retain copyright and all moral and intellectual rights to their work. Credit and copyright notice will be included with all images displayed or published in any media. Digital copyright information will not be removed from any image. The NSS requests the following rights, which are optional. Indicate your agreement with any or all by marking the box(es) on the entry form.

Box4  The NSS may project these images during the award ceremony.
Box3  The NSS may publish winning images in periodicals for the purpose of showcasing contest winners, within one year of the contest.
Box2  The NSS may publish winning images in periodicals for the purposes of promoting future congresses and competitions, for not more than four years.
Box1  The NSS may use these images in low resolution on Web sites to announce the winners of this competition, for not more than four years. These images will not exceed 600 pixels in width or height.

SALES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For questions concerning entries or sales of prints, please e-mail Cady Soukup at printsalon@caves.org call 540.522.8631. If you have trouble meeting the deadline, please contact her before May 15th 2023.

Cady Soukup
540.522.8631 (text/cell)

Print Salon Payment Form

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