Student Support for Convention

(from the Convention Manual)

1. A starter fund was created from the Convention Surplus Fund. Attendee donations
will be rolled into the Student Support Fund to maintain the balance for future use.
2. When registering, attendees are asked if they would like to make a donation to
support students coming to a convention.
3. Support is limited to NSS members that are full-time students aged 18 through 25.
4. Students must provide a copy of their current student ID & driver’s license.
5. A request form for support must be filled out and submitted.
Name, address, email address, phone number, age, NSS number, and why they are requesting the support.
(The request form will be routed to the Education Grants Committee. When the number of qualified requests is totaled the EGC will contact the host group, who will create a discount code in the registration system The EGC will contact the students and provide the coupon code and the amount of the discount.)
6. Requests must be received by 3 weeks before the pre-registration discount ends.
(This allows them to register at the discounted rate.)
7. Support will be up to 1/2 of the basic registration, based on funds collected the
previous year divided by the number of requests.
8. Approved students will be given a coupon code to put into the registration form.
9. This is completely independent of the first-time attendee discount.