VTC Board and Curriculum Committee Position Announcement


Per VTC’s bylaws, the initial terms of several VTC staff expire in 2023. Although all of the incumbents listed below  have expressed a willingness to continue serving in their respective positions, VTC invites applications from any interested NSS members. The VTC board will be nominating candidates at our May board meeting for the following positions:

  • National coordinator (incumbent: Ron Miller)
  • Central region coordinator (IL, IN, IA, KY, MI, MN, MO, WI) (incumbent: Anmar Mirza)
  • Northeastern regional coordinator (CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT) (incumbent: Jessica van Ord)
  • Western regional coordinator (NV, UT, AZ, CA) (incumbent: Annelisa Moe)
  • Curriculum committee member (incumbent: Derek Bristol)

Additional information regarding these positions and our nomination procedures can be found in the VTC charter, the VTC bylaws, and the VTC Nomination Procedures

Applications must be submitted to the VTC secretary-treasurer no later than May 16, 2023, using the online form available at the following link.

Per our charter, regional coordinators will be selected from among the trainers and master trainers in their respective regions by a majority of votes of this same group, but we are still working on creating the process for training and qualifying these individuals. As a result, for the regional coordinator positions expiring this year, candidates should have skills and experience commensurate with those established in VTC’s Trainer Qualification Procedures.