NSS Convention

Held annually, the NSS Convention is a weeklong event bringing cavers together from all over the world. Join us in 2024 in Sewanee, Tennessee for cave workshops, sessions, field trips and more. Click below for more information.

Alpine Views 📷 Laura Sangaila
Alpine Views 📷 Laura Sangalia

What to expect when attending a convention

For a full week every summer, cavers come together to cave, learn, socialize, and make new friends. With cave trips, workshops, awards ceremonies, and more it can be hard to decide what to do. Get the basics below.

Wounded Knee 📷 Laura Sangalia
Wounded Knee 📷 Laura Sangalia

Workshops & Sessions

Interested in presentations on cave science? Maybe you are looking for updates on international expeditions? Either way, convention has a presentation or workshop for everyone.


There is no better place to see caving specific gear in person than at an NSS Convention. Stop by Vendor's Row and pick up whatever equipment you are missing.

The Palace 📷 Laura Sangaila
The Palace 📷 Laura Sangaila


Celebrating excellence in cave related creative fields, NSS salons are held each year for photography, cartography, and more.

Social Events

Every night cavers come together to celebrate and socialize with live music, food, and more. Highlights include the annual awards show and the culmination of the week - the Annual Banquet and awards ceremony.

Teaching 📷 Derik Holtmann
Teaching 📷 Derik Holtmann

Award Ceremony

Every year at the Convention banquet, the NSS recognizes exceptional people both in and outside of the Society by presenting awards for outstanding accomplishment.

Camping & Lodging

Conventions offer everything from hotels to campgrounds. The campground is where you will find live music, events, and socialization. But hotels and other options are available.

Tight Entrance 📷 Tiffancy Nardico
Tight Entrance 📷 Tiffancy Nardico

Vertical Contest

Come watch vertical ropework records get set. Or put your gear on and compete!

NSS Board of Governors' Meeting

Conventions offer lodging options from hotels to campgrounds. The general camping areas are where you will find live music, events, and socialization. But if you need your own space hotels and other options exist.

Fellowship since 1941

For over 80 years Conventions have been the heart and soul of fellowship among NSS cavers. From early post-war weekend-long conventions to the full week affairs of today, Conventions have been the best way for cavers to learn new skills, plan new adventures, or just share a beer.

Looking to host?

If your grotto is interested in hosting Convention click below to learn what is expected and how to submit a bid.