NSS Convention includes scheduled sessions on particular caving-related topics. They are an excellent opportunity to learn about a topic, including in-depth information and recent developments from scientists, explorers, and other fellow cavers.

How to Present: To present at the convention, contact the chair of the relevant session with your subject, the required time/equipment, and an abstract. Abstracts should be a summary of conclusions and results, not merely a statement of what the presentation is about. Please limit abstracts to 250 words. For more information on individual sessions, please click the sessions titles below where linked.

The Deadline for submitting abstracts is May 15th. This is a firm deadline.





 Archeology and Paleontology

Joe Douglas


Sarah Keenan

 Cave Diving

Jason Richards

 Cave Digging

Benjamin Brown

 Cave Photography

Eugene Vale

 Communications & Electronics

John DeRoo

 Conservation & Management

Adam Weaver

 Culture of Caves, Cavers, and Caving

Maria Perez

 Geology & Geography

Katie Schmid

 International Exploration

Andrea Futrell

 Spelean History

Dean Snyder

 Survey & Cartography

Carol Vesely

 U.S. Exploration

Derek Bristol


Hazel Barton

 West Virginia Exploration

Nikki Fox

CONTACTS FOR QUESTIONS: Questions about an individual session should be sent to the session’s chair. General questions can be sent to the Program Editor & Sessions Chair, Bob Hoke, at