Wells Cave Entrance 📷 Julie Schenck-Brown
Wells Cave Entrance 📷 Julie Schenck-Brown

Wells Cave Nature Preserve


Pulaski County, Kentucky
11.5 miles

Wells Cave has a long history within Pulaski County, Kentucky as its location along a vital coal, logging, and saltpeter trade route in the 1800s gave the cave much attention and use throughout the years. The cave has also been used as a classroom to understand speleogenesis, paleoclimates, hydrology, and cave management.

Wells Cave Nature Preserve includes two entrances to a historically, geologically, and biologically significant cave that is 11.5-miles long. As White Nose Syndrome was detected by bat biologists during the winter of 2013-2014, the bat hibernaculum areas are closed to recreational visits from October through April.

A bioinventory has not yet been done in Wells Cave. However, a small colony of Indiana bats hibernate in the cave and an unidentified cavefish has been observed. Bat censuses are being conducted by the US Forest Service and the Kentucky Nature Preserves Commission.