Arts and Letters Salon

The Arts and Letter Salon seeks to foster connections among all who are interested in fine and literary arts related to speleology. The annual Salon is held during the NSS convention and provides a place for people to meet, talk, teach and exhibit their work.

Water Explosion 📷 Ed McCarthy
Water Explosion 📷 Ed McCarthy

Our Work

Every year the Arts & Letters Salon is held at the annual NSS Convention. The following sessions are typically held:

  • SpeleoArt Workshop
  • Annual Arts and Letters Luncheon
  • Various Readings, Exhibits, and A&L Talk
  • Writer's Workshop
  • Salon Awards for Submissions to Illuminations & Salon Exhibits

Additionally, the Salon publishes a magazine, Illuminations, once a year.

About Arts & Letters

Illuminations Magazine

Published every year in January, Illuminations highlights cave-related work in the fine or literary arts.

The magazine is available by paid subscription either digitally or as a hard copy.  Subscriptions sustain the magazine and help support ongoing Salon activities.

Get Involved

Interested in reading, teaching, or otherwise contributing to the Salon or Illuminations? We are always looking for writers, musicians, and other artists to contribute. Reach out below and we will see you at Convention!