Cobleskill, NY - June 21st - 28th

2025 NSS Convention

Celebrate A Lifetime Of Caving

The National Speleological Society (NSS) returns to beautiful Schoharie County in upstate New York to hold our 82nd Annual Convention.
 Pre-Registration for 2025 is now open at the early signup discount of only $275.
McFails Cave, Schoharie, NY

Join us in Cobleskill

In 1991 SUNY Cobleskill served as the primary location for the Society’s annual convention. In 2025 the Society returns to the school and will use The Sunshine Fairgrounds as the center of convention activities as well. Scientific, artistic, educational, historic, and technical sessions along with exhibits will be at the college.  Daily cave trips throughout the region will give way to social activities at the fairgrounds including the Monday evening Howdy Party and culminating with the awards banquet on Friday.

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Dig A Little Deeper:

When Does Pre-Registration End?

The End Is Near!  Not really, but register soon.

Are You A Lifetime Caver?

If you are, we have a gift for you and we will ask you to join a special event during the Howdy Party.  Answer three easy questions when you register to determine if you qualify based on either years caving or percentage of life caving.  (Hint: Velocity of an unladen swallow is NOT one of the questions.)

How to sponsor

For exciting sponsorship opportunities contact:
Leslie Hatfield, NSS 2025 Sponsorship Chair

Dancing Cat Videos!!!

Tell Us Your Story

We are publishing a small book of stories from lifetime cavers of the NSS.  We invite you to submit a brief account from your experience.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

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