Effective trail marking helps preserve cave values.
Promote strategic collaborations to advance global cave and karst conservation outreach.
Make karst a household word across the US.

Cave & Karst Conservation

What’s so important about caves? Caves are home, habitat, and haven for a surprising abundance of fragile resources. These underground environment often serve as archival vaults, protecting natural and cultural history. The resources found within are also a subterranean world of fragile life, rare habitat, and exceptional formations that have formed over, and been protected for eons within the walls of caves!

Cave passages are easily damaged by uninformed visitors. By learning to cave softly, we avoid making an unnecessary impact, and help discover new ways to conserve caves and karst.

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Conservation Task Forces Work

NSS Conservation Task Forces work under the coordination of the NSS Conservation Division, and focus on local cave and karst conservation issues. A CTF is a great way to gather like-minded people and make things happen in support of caves and karst systems.

A CTF may tackle a significant cave vandalism problem, or work alongside landowners and civic leaders to clean up a groundwater pollution source, or take on habitat restoration in a cave environment to enable species recovery, or promote UnderEarth Conservation during annual Earh Day activities.

CTFs may take on specific project that could take a year or two to complete, an ongoing project or series of projects that continue and maintain conservation year after year.


Conservation Consolidation

Posted on 14 aug 2013

In 2013, CCMS members voted to dissolve the NSS Convention Conservation Section and move their activities under the officially organized Conservation Division Session. to merge functions and end duplication initiating a more effective organization. The consolidation includes the merging of CCMS and Conservation Committee websites under the Conservation Division.

The Conservation Division oversees and organizes:

Conservation Tuesday sessions for conventions.

The CCMS printed newsletter is no longer in publication. News articles from around the world are now constantly posted online. Check daily postings in CavingNews, CaveChat, and the Cave Conservation Facebook Group. Cave and karst conservation issues are announced and discussed regularly through these social venues.

Conservation letter-writing tasks and outreach-awareness objectives are now more efficiently accomplished by local cavers stepping up and using creative solutions with contemporary forms of electronic communication, social media, and important face-to-face networking through local, regional, national, and international venues.


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Conservation Overview

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Need for Protection

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