2019 Luminary Series – Ric Finch

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Ric Finch grew up in Georgetown, Texas, and spent a meaningful part of his youth crawling around in a few caves of central Texas. As part of his adventures, Ric mined and sold bat guano to various neighbors for use as fertilizer—essentially Finch’s version of a kid’s lemonade stand! Later, at the University of Texas in Austin, Ric worked on a Ph.D. under Bill Muehlberger. And, as one of Muehlberger’s graduate students, Ric was sent to do fieldwork in faraway Honduras. After graduation, Ric returned to the cave-rich areas of Central America. There, Ric and his teammates explored and surveyed a number of challenging caves, including Cueva La Buena Fé, Cueva Guatemalía, Cueva Masical, and Cueva Siete Quebradas. Finch led the first expedition by cavers into the remote Montañas de Colón karst, and participated in a second expedition there led by Pete Shifflett. In addition, Ric was part of the final Subterraneo del Río Atima expedition led by Steve Knutson.

2019 Luminary Series – Ric Finch

June 1, 2019

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