2022 Luminary Series – David Springhetti

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A spelunker in his teenage years, Dave Springhetti began serious caving while a college student. Dave relocated to Texas after graduation, but soon returned to his beloved Black Hills. A prime mover in the Paha Sapa Grotto, Springhetti did yeoman’s duty for the 1988 NSS Convention in Hot Springs, South Dakota… including serving as co-editor of the guidebook and, indeed, co-chairing the convention itself. Moreover, Dave is an excellent and an eager photographer and his images adorn several of the caving publications associated with this event.

An engineer by training and inclination, Dave Springhetti possesses a great workshop at his home, and a good-sized driveway for oversized projects. He is known for performing detailed studies and measurements of the entrances to imperiled caves and then constructing innovative and attractive gates to control their entry. Indeed, Springhetti thinks nothing of driving halfway across the country—tools and equipment in tow—to help fabricate or repair a gate.

Dave Springhetti was instrumental in establishing the Black Hills Cave and Nature Conservancy and is one of their leading supporters and advocates. Dave also is heavily involved with the Dahm Springs Preserve. It is well known that people who are looking for an extremely hard worker will be very lucky to have Springhetti as part of their team.

No piker when it comes to survey and exploration, Dave Springhetti has spent years pursuing the unknown in Jewel Cave, in Wind Cave, and in other underground wonders. He is a shining example of a Black Hills caver, and is a reliable and an upbeat companion.

2022 Luminary Series – David Springhetti

June 1, 2022

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