Honey Creek Cave Extravaganza

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NSS 2015 Video Salon. Produced by Joe Furman. Backup diver David Moore wakes up early, nestled in a hammock that is strung up across an improbably low, wet, muddy passage near the sump. He checks his watch, and wonders wy the dive tea hasn’t returned…
This is a story of a dedicated team of haulers lead be Ellie Watson that moved mountains of dive gear nearly three miles underground. It is a tale of two exploration divers, Jean Krejca and James Brown, that have pushed Texas’ longest cave nearly a mile beyond it’s last furthest point of exploration. This movie was made by cavers using lightweight cameras, with all footage made entirely during original exploration.

Honey Creek Cave Extravaganza

July 13, 2015

2015 NSS Salon Merit Award
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