Call for Presenters | 2023 NSS Convention Elkins, WV, June 26–30, 2023

Hellhole Ecstasy Ave Formations 📷 Brian Masney
Hellhole Ecstasy Ave Formations 📷 Brian Masney

Information for Presenters

PRESENTATIONS: If you want to do a presentation in a session, you should contact the chair of the appropriate session and let them know what you want to present. You should tell them the subject of the presentation, the time you need, and any audio/visual equipment you will need. In most cases you should also provide an abstract. If you are unsure what session is appropriate for your presentation, you can ask the session chairs for advice. A list of session chairs is below.

DEADLINES: The convention’s Program will be going to the printer in late May. There are two firm deadlines for submitting material for the Program:

  • May 15, 2023: All event descriptions, session descriptions, advertising, and any other general material for the Program must be submitted by this date. Late submissions are likely to be ignored.
  • May 15, 2023: All presentation abstracts must be submitted to the chairs of the session where they will be presented. This gives the chairs several days to organize the abstracts and prepare the schedule for their session. 
  • May 25, 2023: Session Chairs must send their final session schedule and abstracts to the Program Editor by this date. Late submissions (even by a few hours) are unlikely to get in the Program.

Note: These deadlines are tentative and may be made earlier if supply chain problems increase the lead-time needed to print the Program.

ABSTRACTS: Anyone doing a presentation should provide an abstract, up to 250 words, for the convention’s Program. Abstracts should be a summary of conclusions and results, not merely a statement of what the presentation is about.

Abstracts should be submitted to the chair of the appropriate session. You should specify the amount of time and any special equipment you need. The session chairs will prepare the final presentation schedule for their session.

When submitting abstracts, please provide each author’s name and email address. The author’s affiliation and/or mailing address can be included if desired.

The chairs of individual sessions need to send their session’s final schedule and abstracts to the Program Editor by May 25, 2023, but the submission deadline for individual sessions will be earlier. Late submissions probably won’t get in the Program. Abstracts will be published as submitted, so please proofread them before submitting them. Abstracts longer than 250 words will be returned to be shortened.

VOLUNTEER HELP NEEDED: If you are willing to support the convention by volunteering some time, please contact the Convention’s Volunteer Coordinator, Ken Moore, at He is maintaining a list of volunteers.

SESSION CONTACTS: The list below shows sessions that normally include formal presentations. If you are interested in doing a presentation, you should contact the chair of the appropriate session. 

The Calls for Presentations are linked in the sections below. Select the link under LINK TO MORE INFO to access PDFs with additional information.

Archeology and PaleontologyJoe Archeo and Paleo Session 
Cave DivingJason 
Cave DiggingBenjamin Digging Session
Cave PhotographyEugene
Communications & ElectronicsJohn 
Conservation & ManagementAdam Weaver, Val Hildreth-Werker 
Culture of Caves, Cavers and CavingMaria Perez 
Geology & GeographyKatie Geology and Geography Session
International ExplorationAndrea Futrellafutrellcave@gmail.comInternational Exploration Session 
Spelean HistoryDean American Spelean History Association 
Survey & CartographyCarol Survey and Cartography Session 
U.S. ExplorationDerek 
West Virginia ExplorationNikki 

Note: The deadline for submitting your abstracts is MAY 15. This is a firm deadline.

CONTACTS FOR QUESTIONS: Questions about an individual session should be sent to the session’s chair. General questions can be sent to the Program Editor & Sessions Chair, Bob Hoke, at 

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